Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Day 100: Kirrie Dumpling

I've only just discovered that this is a type of primula - Primula Denticulata. I only remember that my grandad always called them Kirrie Dumplings. This one was catching the sunlight today and looked lovely although I do wish I hadn't slightly cut the left hand side off - they were quick shots because I didn't have much time. The other sucky thing is that I had tried photographing a bumble bee and got quite a few not quite or not all in focus shots - the one and only shot that looked like it would have been great my camera screwed up. I don't know why but the compact one sometimes doesn't seem to save a photo properly - it's fine on the back of the camera but once you get it off it has lines through it - grrrrr. But anyway, pretty shiny white flower :-)

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