Monday, 26 April 2010

Day 105: Cambridge

We stopped in Cambridge for lunch and had a wander around - lunch was secondary really ;-) I have been here before but the only thing I remember about it is sitting next to the river where some punts were moored and my mum getting sea sick because they all bobbed every time another punt went past (not funny for her but rather amusing to the rest of us). There are some pretty cool buildings from what we saw and it would be good to have the time to spend having a good look around instead of a hurried hour before continuing our journey. This appears to be Clare Bridge from what I can find poking about on google - it's nice and pretty and calm seeming which I really like - doesn't seem like it is in the middle of a city. There is also symmetry and reflection and the wake is in the right spot - it's a little darker than I'd like but it was overcast. On the way down we also saw a Harrier fly right over the road really low going into land - that ruled! And then in Cambridge I saw my first ducklings of this year - soooooo tiny - they must have been just not long out the nest :-)


  1. Oxford is clearly infinitely better than Cambridge.


  2. welcome back. I missed my goldfishy fix

  3. Sent: Well Oxford is too far down and on the wrong side of London to stop for lunch - and you didn't invite me for lunch anyway!

    Mum: thanks :-)