Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 80: Second Ladybird Of The Year!

Well there were about 4 or 5 out and about and there were some bees and stuff so I guess they were all glad of a sunny day! I don't really like this bush (no idea what it is because I forgot to ask Mum) because it doesn't smell so great but then I'm not so good with smelly flowers because they upset my nose and I get a headache and stuff sometimes - I blame it on my Dad who gets that way with pretty much anything perfumed - I take after him way way too much! However, insects love it - this is where I saw the ladybirds last time and there was a bee buzzing about it too so with any luck I'll get a chance to try macroing a bumble bee! I like them lots because they're all fuzzy wuzzy :-) But for now we have a pretty shiny ladybird on unopened buds!

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