Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 103: Lamb

Awwwww! Look at the little baaaa lamb! You know I have no idea how the phrase "baa lamb" came about - it's one of those silly phrases used in my family where the origins are either lost in the mists of time or I just haven't thought to ask where it came from. Anyway, I have a lamb photo! This was one of my goals for the spring and although I had hoped for a group of bouncy lambs playing this is pretty good. They were curious as to what I was up to but they were all sleepy and mostly lying down - it was probably afternoon nap time :-)

Lambs are surprisingly hard to get close to - most of them seem to be in fields along roads with no safe place to stop. We saw a couple running along the edge of a field last week and one kinda shoved the other and it fell over sideways, rolled right over and got back up - was an awesome move but we're all going past in the car going "Awwwww! Oh! Oh! I hope it's ok!" and then laughing when it got back up and bounced on again like nothing had happened
. There is also the problem that there is a very short window for lambs - they go from being too small to stand very well (which is exceptionally cute), to being bouncy and fun and playing (which is so much fun to watch), to being boring miniature sheep very quickly. I do kinda wonder where their playful fun side goes...

PS - I'm going to be away for a few days without internet access so I will be posting when I get back on Wednesday!

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