Friday, 2 April 2010

Day 81: Self Portrait

Well as close as I'm going to get to one anyway - this is self portraiture my style! i.e. showing as little of me as possible and hiding behind my hair even though that is harder to do now I've had it chopped. Today I finally bit the bullet and got my hair cut after at least a year if not more of avoiding people with scissors at all costs. On Wednesday I decided I was sick fed up of it because it took about an hour to dry it, I usually ended up leaving it to dry itself because I couldn't be bothered and then did nothing but tie it back because it was too awkward to style it! It was down to the bottom of the small of my back and I had about 12"/30cm cut off and it's now just below my shoulders and I can swish it about when I turn my head! *swish swish swish swish* So today with my nice new shiny hair was the best opportunity for a self portrait - don't expect another one ;-p

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