Thursday, 15 April 2010

Day 94: Crescent Moon

We've been busy all day pulling down our shed, moving it to my Granny's and getting the new one put up - much bigger and with space for a rocket workshop - hurray! So I really didn't get much time for photos until the daylight was gone but, as luck would have it, there was a lovely sunset and then Venus appeared along with the new moon (about 1 day and 8/9 hours old I think), and if you look carefully between the moon and the telephone wire there is another little dot which is Mercury!

The sunset was particularly nice - the sun was a lot less bright seeming than normal so you could make out the disc (instead of just knowing where it is) and it looked enormous and very, very orange and it was beautiful. It has only just occurred to me that this could either just be due to some light cloud low on the horizon or possibly due to the volcanic ash that has shut down all the airports. I'm going with the ash because at the moment I feel cheated. We get this awesome thing happen - volcanic ash - from a live volcano - that's just erupted - and we can't see it?! Not cool. So the awesome sunset is now attributed to the volcanic ash which means I have seen it and feel slightly less cheated :-D

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