Monday, 5 April 2010

Day 84: Feathers McGraw

WANTED - Have you seen this chicken? Actually now I think about it, it is quite ironic that this is made with a hard boiled egg. This is my easter egg - my family may take the decorating part of it a little too far ;-) It's the best part though - the chance to be really creative with it each year. I am really pleased with this one. His head, wings and feet are made from air dry clay, which I had to make on Friday night, and then they were glued onto the egg and he was painted with acrylic paint on Saturday night (there would not be enough time on the morning itself ;-p). I probably should have posted him yesterday but we were having a family gathering and there wasn't time, plus I got to the beach with the dogs briefly so it's far better to use the time and location while you have it - I didn't go out today and so I had time to pose and take photos of him. I will never be a studio photographer but hey, he doesn't look too bad! I have also uploaded him to the Wallace and Gromit website - I don't often draw attention to myself but I'm proud of this so why not go for it while I feel like it?


This street is totally lamer than Shore Street! I saw this yesterday and thought it was funny and wanted to share my intelligent observation ;-p

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  1. I hate that you all do awesome easter eggs, I didnt even get to felt tip one this year cause I kept getting kicked out of the kitchen and told to go sit down. I'm going to do it randomly one day instead, maybe when I'm off my crutches and can actually walk up a hill to throw it back down!!! <3 xx