Sunday, 28 February 2010

Day 48: Faded Flowers

It seems that this is one of my favourite things to photograph as I have kept finding myself drawn to them over the past few months. They are hydrangea flowers from last year and they seem to stay stuck to the plant through everything. It surprises me because I would expect them to be dropped like normal petals or leaves. So I keep coming across them in different forms - I have a picture of a dead flower on a climbing hydrangea on my DeviantArt account called Pretty Dead - and there's just something I love about them. They have a great texture, they look like they are made of thin delicate paper, they're pretty, you can see all the veins and they are all at different angles, they look so fragile and yet must be strong to brave the wind, and I even like the colour - although it seems boring it just works for me. That could be because I'm not keen on the regular hydrangeas during the summer when they are all bright colours (I have yet to see a climbing one in flower in summer). I guess in close up photos they just produce a lot to look at and a lot that pleases my eye.

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