Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 30: Female Bullfinch

I go to the Botanical Gardens and I still find the wildlife... Not that I'm complaining - it just seems like this should be a plant photo or a landscape. It does have a tree in it though! And this is what the Bullfinches were having for lunch. This is a female Bullfinch. They're not quite as striking as the bright pinky coloured males but they are still very pretty and one of them nearly flew into me as I came round the corner! I was less than 2 metres from them and they carried on eating which was brilliant...until some bratty kid came running past yelling *sighs*

I also uploaded a pic to DeviantArt of some yellow tree blossom - bright spark here didn't think to look at the label on the tree to see what kind it was but since I forgot to take the camera's ISO down from 1600 as well, this is hardly surprising!
Yellow Tree Blossom

1 comment:

  1. Ooh. I like the angles on the branches. And round birdies are always yay.

    Hmm. Would a female bullfinch be called a cowfinch? :-)