Saturday, 27 February 2010

Day 47: Urban Jungle

I was in town with Mum today because she needed some bits and pieces before going away to school camp on Monday, so I took my compact camera in case of something interesting and... here is the interesting thing! This area has been empty for quite a number of years now since a fire destroyed the buildings that used to stand here. They're supposed to be rebuilding but years after the plans actually came out and still nothing has happened, except today we walked past and I did a double take because there was colour! I guess if they're putting in a mural then there won't be any building happening any time soon ;-p It looks really good though - very bright and vibrant and it livens up an empty space which is good. Looking at it closely I think it might not be finished yet - the right hand side has less black definition than the right so I shall need to try and remember to look out for it and see if it changes and then go back with my big camera and hopefully get a better shot - this is good but I'm just not quite happy with it and I can't put my finger on why - possibly just the light - it was a pretty gloomy day. Anyway, I think it's cool :-)

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