Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 44: Orion in the Snow

Today was miserable, but tonight was the first meeting of the Astronomical Society's new Imaging Group so we got together and talked about the basics and showed some photos we already had and this was one of mine. It was taken at the beginning of the year when we had a ton of snow and I was very pleased with it because I managed to balance out the foreground and also the constellation - which is Orion. It's pretty difficult to focus in the dark on something as small as a star so the fact it is in focus was also pretty impressive!

This is the original image as it came off the camera and the pinky purpleness is light pollution from the town. Most astronomical images are processed to get rid of light pollution but I think I'm going to leave it - the thing is that as soon as you start manipulating it, it becomes hard to make it look natural - since there are the snowy branches in the foreground - so taking away the pink makes them look weird too and monochrome is just a bit boring, so I'm sticking to my slightly odd pink image of Orion.


  1. This is my favorite constellation! Very nicely framed!

  2. Such an awesome photo you big show off! xx