Saturday, 6 February 2010

Day 26: Jelly Beans

Disgusting horrible day - misty rain - all day *grumbles* So we're back to indoor macros of anything I can think of that looks interesting or, in this case, colourful - felt like colour was required after the shades of grey experienced outside. I suspect they won't last long now that the box is open - you know how it is with sweeties - you just have to eat them quick because they don't keep once the box is open! ;-)

Oh and before you start complaining about cravings I have caused with yet another macro food shot - it was the weather's fault! I should start a series of "Mouth-Watering Macros on Miserable Days!" After the chocolate coins and popcorn this will be the 3rd. What on earth am I going to shoot next time it's horrible outside? I may have to stock up on sweeties just in case... :-p


  1. What a lovely colorful picture! goldfishy, I think you would love this blog I've discovered: Epicute. All cute pictures of food. :D