Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Day 22: Goldfinch

I'm still feeling a bit rough so instead of going off out and being all grumpy and bad tempered and getting nothing usable because of my bad mood, I spent 20 minutes at the bottom of the garden waiting for the birds to decide it was safe enough to come into the garden to have a look and see if I was safe to eat around. It was cold and had snowed a little so they were quite keen on the seed feeders. The snow also meant I could hide beside the greenhouse without being seen. After a lot of chirping back and forth to each other a few did come and sit in the Sambuca for a look and I got a few photos. This is a Goldfinch - we get a lot of them in the garden because we put out nyjer seed which they particularly like. The interesting thing was that I got a photo while I was out of a Brambling (completely soft of course as is always the case with the new and interesting!) - I have never seen one before and certainly didn't think they came to the garden! I hope if this was his first time that he comes back and isn't put off by the strange girl hiding behind the greenhouse with a big camera :-)


  1. excellent definition, from the curl of the claws to the few ruffled feathers