Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 29: Sumatran Tiger

This is Tibor - a male Sumatran Tiger at my local zoo. Isn't he gorgeous?! I love big cats and I think tigers might be my favourite - just don't tell the lions! I was really lucky with this one - I was on my way out because I had to be back in time for Rainbows and spotted him pacing near the window - he was waiting to get in his house since it was that time of the afternoon and I decided to risk being a little late and swap lenses for a couple of quick shots against the glass. Miraculously I got this shot which is beautifully sharp :-) I'm not sure what anyone else will think since they haven't seen him, but I think he looks a little surprised. His eyes are different because he had an injury as a cub and while his eye doesn't bother him or impede him it looks like it has a very small pupil in comparison to the other eye. Having looked him in the eye I know the eye we can see here is his bad eye, but I wonder if that's obvious to other people?

I also uploaded a nice silhouette of a Gelada Baboon to DeviantArt:
Gelada Baboon


  1. He does look a bit startled, but he's GORGEOUS. Way to go!

  2. I was basically going to say exactly what Goosey said, word for word. Get out of my brain!