Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 137: Under The Railway Bridge

I was out on a walk with the puppy - we went along the cycle path which follows the route of the old railway - and in all the times I've been along here in the past I have never noticed how cool the wall is.  There's all these big iron supports (well I assume that's what they are) and they are all rusted and the wall is all weathered and worn into nice textures and curves and there are various warm colours in the stone - some of it from the rusty metal.  It is quite a while since I was here so I guess it may have developed since then or I've never looked before or it was just the way the sunlight was striking it today - it's always hard to know what makes something appeal that never has before, or that you have never noticed before - it was really nice to look at though (for the couple of minutes an impatient 11 month old puppy with selective hearing would allow!).

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