Thursday, 20 May 2010

Day 129: Red Lily Beetle

My mum's birthday was today and this was not a present she wanted. I had been having a disastrous afternoon of baking (the cake was ok although the icing turned out fudgey instead of chocolatey - yeah, I don't know how I did that either - the marshmallow brownies on the other hand...chocolatey stodge with a chewy topping - very interesting!) and decided to go and sit outside for a wee break before going back to assess the damage. While out there I spotted some interesting shiny red beetles and called my mum to come and see them, at which point she said "Oh". Turns out the Red Lily Beetle is not such a good thing in your garden, especially when it is crawling around on your mum's daylilies! They have now been dispatched. Aren't you glad I noticed them though mum?! Happy Birthday!


  1. This one rules! I love how the beetle has the brightest color, while everything else is more muted but with its own beautiful collection of colors, and all of it just works together to create awesome. Yay!

  2. I love this! Great depth of field and sharpness. and the colour is great too :)