Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 126: Exposure At Night

I got lucky - we had a lovely evening tonight and me and my dad were both home so off to see "Exposure" we went! How awesome is this?! I thought it would be cool but the reality is so much better than I expected. It's just so light and bright and shiny and fantastic and it completely draws focus away from the structure around it and makes the pictures look so much better. I actually kinda think he looks like he's penned in at the moment, stuck in a cage, although the ironic thing is that it looks like if he just stood up he could step out of the box to freedom.

I also love this one because it shows his head and face so well and the way his arms are round his knees. He somehow looks very thoughtful. I couldn't resist adding in this next one which is completely over exposed, but it makes him look like a being made of light which is so awesome - very comic book :-)

It is something of a challenge, as you may have noticed from today's and yesterday's photos, to get a picture without beams obstructing the sculpture and kinda ruining it. I, therefore, very much hope this guy who was up in a cherry picker inside the yard with what, one can only assume, were unobstructed views knows just how lucky he is!

PS - I uploaded a photo from yesterday to DeviantArt for the first time in forever! (and no it's not of Antony Gormley's Doofer! ;-)
Breathing Space

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