Sunday, 2 May 2010

Day 111: Water Tower

This is the old water tower as viewed from a nearby bridge. I snapped it quickly whilst out on a walk along the cycle path with a friend, her family, her husband's sister and her family. They wanted a group photo to give to my friend's mother in law for her birthday and so I got the job! I have never done a photo shoot like that before and I was really nervous. Having them all in a group pose was pretty unnatural for me but it worked (from my point of view anyway) because they talked and laughed and didn't rigidly stand with cheesy grins on their faces. I also got some of the whole group walking down the path talking to each other and again it's much more natural feeling and the smiles are genuine. So having got the awkward part out of the way we went to the park for a wee while and I got to do what I like best - take photos of the kids while they're playing, having fun and not paying any attention to me and I got quite a lot of photos that I really liked. My friend says she thinks the photos are fab - I hope she really means that because I like them! If I had the confidence and self esteem I think I would love to be a professional photographer.

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  1. I'm the friend :) and I really did love the photos & so did my mother in law. She's been hinting for years that she wanted a family photo but we all hate getting our photo's taken and my worst nightmare would be so sit in a group photo pretending to smile. The finished results were fab, really relaxed & natural. You SO need to go professional. What's stopping you?!?!?!??