Saturday, 15 May 2010

Day 124: Shadow Tree

It was beautifully sunny today - lovely blue skies and bright white fluffy clouds - it was even warm! Yes, no mean feat in Scotland ;-) But it had this quality to it that sometimes happens where everything's just so beautiful that I know from experience I can never capture it in a photo - the sparkly, warm, happy, sunniness just won't show. I think it's because my brain can take it all in and remove the bits I don't really want to see - the cars, the ugly modern buildings and all the people that get in the way of beauty. It was getting to the stage where I just needed a photo of something though - never mind that it wouldn't show up everything I'd seen today - it just had to look ok on it's own and my dad spotted this shadow. I love it because it's so crisp it looks like another, albeit rather dark, tree. But it does also show how sunny it was, it looks warm to me, and it helps illustrate the idea that there's beauty in everything - this relatively plain brick wall is a perfect canvas for the tree's shadow.

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