Thursday, 13 May 2010

Day 122: More Orchid!

I have no intentions of making sure this blog is full of incredibly individual ideas every day - I don't really care how many flower photos I take so long as they are all nice and hopefully at least a little different from each other. So this is probably my 3rd orchid picture - it looks nothing like the other 2 though - that's enough for me. And why should it matter? I like to be inspired by what I see around me - if I see something I like then I will photograph it and post it and making use of what you have available just makes sense to me. When the garden is full of daffies then there's your subject! Today I was admiring this orchid which has just opened up about 5/6 big beautifully purple flowers, and I do love how they glitter when you get them in the sunlight or add a little flash. I'm very happy with it :-)


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL photo, goldy. LOVE your flower photos. This one even looks like a great purple eagle with his wings spread. Lovely.

  2. Oh I see the eagle! That is so cool! :-D