Saturday, 22 May 2010

Day 131: Rocket!

We went rocket flying today for the first time this year and the first time since last August! It was a beautiful day - slightly too nice since I was melting - but pretty perfect from a flying point of view. I flew 4 rockets and wasn't too unsuccessful (I don't have seem to have wonderful luck!), 3 brilliant flights and one that kinda went a little kinky and ended up losing all it's fins - yeah we're not sure what happened there, nor do we know what happened to one of my nose cones which vanished into thin air. But the nose cone is replaceable and the other rocket I will check over the design and the stability calculations and see if I need to redesign the fins before replacing them. No big deal!

I should point out that this is a friend's rocket and it is a high power scale model of a Bull Pup missile going up on a Smokey Sam (can't remember what class). I only fly model rockets which are a bit smaller and produce less smoke, but they are a bit more flexible and certainly cheaper and less time consuming - we can send off several models in the space of time it takes to prep a big one. It's also not the end of the world if you lose it because tubes and balsa wood aren't too expensive to replace - this is definitely good for someone like me who has a history of losing rockets! ;-p

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