Saturday, 8 May 2010

Day 117: Another Goldfinch And LOOK WHAT I SAW!

So this is what I would have liked to have achieved yesterday! This shows you what a hide can do though. Hidden humans and food - what more could a goldfinch want? I was at an RSPB reserve on a loch - they have paths and hides round the loch but I didn't have time as we were on our way elsewhere so I settled for some time in the hide at the main centre with the wee birds. I was also hoping for good pictures of the woodpeckers but they were being elusive. However, I did see a new species of bird! Below we have what is probably a female Lesser Redpoll. The males have red chests in the breeding season and I did see a male but there is the possibility this is a non-breeding male I guess... let's just say female for ease ;-p The picture isn't as good as I would have liked - you can only just see her red cap - but it's not bad! So yeah, LOOK WHAT I SAW!!!

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  1. You are SO GOOD at capturing these lovely shots of flowers and birds! You should, like, put together a coffee-table book! Or submit some to a nature magazine or something!