Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 226: Beautiful Evening Sky

We went radio controlled plane flying and my dad's plane seems to be pretty much there - it was airborne and my dad had a go via buddy box so that is a major step forward!  The sky was pretty fantastic later on as the sun started going down.  It made flying a little difficult as you can't see much when you're flying into the sun but there was only one mishap and hopefully it's not as bad as it looks :-/
 There was a jet flying today (pictured left) and I have to say I was really dubious about it.  I vaguely remember seeing a jet years ago and it had some sort of problem and crashed into a tree and then fell out of the sky.  Even without that I wasn't impressed by the sound or look of it, as I recall.  This jet, however, was incredible.  It sounded like a jet from the moment it was switched on, it taxied like a real jet, it has wheel brakes so it can taxi and then go from a standing start, it has retractable undercarriage which is really quick, it goes really fast and it flies like a jet.  I was really impressed.  I also saw a real Tornado but it was up pretty high and didn't do a flypast unfortunately.  I did get a good enough look to see that it was fully laden though - I wonder what it was up to.

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