Thursday, 12 August 2010

Day 213: Playing With Fire

I didn't have a particularly good day today - it seemed like most things that could go wrong did go wrong.  I did have one spectacular piece of timing though which was happening upon this street performer just as he went for it and juggled the torches at the end of his show.  The photo isn't spectacular but I was only carrying my compact camera so it's not too bad considering!  I cropped this and no matter what I did I liked it really long and narrow best.  It ends up looking like there are 3 elements to the photo - the crowd at the bottom, the performer on his unicycle, and then the Scott Monument at the top in the background.  Anyway, I like the fire.  As we were leaving there were some other guys coming in to get set up and I turned to my mum and said "They have paraffin!" in a squeaky excited voice.... No, I'm not taking after my mum in her pyromania!  *clears throat and wanders off rattling a match box*

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