Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 219: Golden Flight

I went out with my dad to fly his radio controlled plane this evening.  This isn't his plane but while he was messing with his, this one was just sitting there perfectly positioned.  In the background is a disused airfield tower.  I guess a strange combination of location, planes and the golden light as the sun went down made me think of World War 2.  I was thinking recently about time travel - most people have a time they would love to go back to in order to see specific events or live in certain periods of time and soak up the atmosphere.  I have never really had a period I would like to go back to before but I was thinking that actually, maybe I would like to go back and meet the pilots in World War 2 and see the planes all new and shiny and going off to be heroes.  Without doubt it would be an exceptionally sad time to be there, knowing that it was entirely likely that any plane that took off wouldn't come back.  But there is also something golden about that era of flight and all the people associated with it.

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