Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 223: Chinese State Circus Unicycler

Unicycling, on a very tall unicycle, with one foot, balancing bowls on her head, balancing more bowls on the foot not on a pedal, all lip to lip and base to base rather than stacked, and then kicking the foot balanced bowls up and catching them on her head.  Mental, right?!  Yup, but also pretty impressive!  I have no idea how you learn to do that - I think the tall unicycling is way beyond me let alone the rest.  My best friend and I managed to catch the Chinese State Circus on it's last day in town and it was good fun - pretty insane - there was a dude balancing himself on pointy things (like spears) - but I'm glad we managed to get there.  I have now seen a total of 2 Fringe shows this year - yay!  Previously, the only thing I had been to was the Muse gig at Meadowbank Stadium a few years back.  That is still the best gig I have ever been to.  But this year I finally got to do a comedy show - Paul Zerdin the ventriloquist - who was great fun.  I earned geek points at that show too by being one of only about 3 people who got the Star Wars joke and laughed :-D  I doubt I will make it to anything else by the end of the festival but 2 shows is pretty good considering my track record.  Oh and there will be end-of-festival fireworks soon!

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