Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Day 212: Tibor

It was kinda dark and rainy today so this shot is rather darker than I would have liked.  I probably could have taken it down another notch or two but I thought it looked ok on the camera screen - it can be so hard to tell though!  Tibor seemed to be very much enjoying his bone today and we all enjoyed watching him sit with it so close to the perspex.  Poor boy has had his eye removed now, but apparently his vision had decreased to the point of being blind in that eye and he had Glaucoma in it which can be very painful, so hopefully he is a lot more comfortable now.  My parents had a one eyed fish called Horace a long time ago and if you went up to the tank when he was swimming blind side to you, when he turned round and saw you he got a fright - poor Horace!  We'll need to be careful not to sneak up on Tibor like that and give him a fright! 

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