Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Day 9: Harry Potter and the Digital Difference

I wasn't having much inspiration today so I looked at the list for a subject and spotted reading - I have been thinking about this one for a few days on and off and came up with something else I think I want to try but then this idea popped into my head. There's no doubt reading on electronic devices has become popular and I can see why and I have even done it myself (namely when I couldn't find one of my books), but I will always prefer books - I love books and I very much hope they are never replaced by electronics.

So here we have a book and a .pdf of a book - I'll give you that it's Harry Potter since it should be very obvious from the words on the page that's what it is - but which book and which book is on the screen? Gold star for whoever works out which book it is and a platinum star for whoever works out what's on the screen!

PS - TalkingDog is excluded from this because he's a smarty pants and has already figured it out in 2 minutes flat!

1 comment:

  1. I'm guessing the book is #7, but I can't see the screen at all.

    I TOTALLY agree with you about books. Hardcopy FTW! When a book is electronic, it's not a book, just a loooong document.