Friday, 15 January 2010

Day 3: On The Edge Of The Thaw

Today was pretty dull and grey and miserable again and it even snowed a bit which sent the poor birds into a feeding frenzy. This was before the snow shower and the blackbird was in the front garden looking for some apple Mum had put out. I liked that she was stood on the edge of the snow, showing that the thaw has started. Unfortunately it has turned out to be a rather dark image but it was the one I liked best from today and who cares if it's not perfect - black birds aren't easy to expose well and I was shooting through the double glazed front window. Accepting that every image this year can't be perfect will be a challenge though...


  1. Too funny, I have a picture almost like this of a robin that I ended up not using because I had so many animal/bird shots. Now I'm curious if it was the same day.

  2. You can never have too many bird/animal shots! I love the idea that we were doing the exact same thing - great minds think alike ;-)