Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Day 2: The Orchid

So I have been waiting for a nice bright sunny day to take a photo of Mum's orchid and today I got fed up waiting and just went at it with the flash - surprisingly it turned out well. I used my little compact camera and although it's good for putting in your pocket and it does macro...well I've just never quite got to grips with not having complete control since I started out with my DSLR. In this case the soft flash hasn't completely washed out my subject (a pleasant change) and although it created a strange shadow (possibly because of the lens), I think it has actually made the photo better - I like the way the shadow and the petals of the lower flower create a frame for it and the flash shows up how it glitters. Orchids are very strange flowers, but they are very pretty.

I have also added this to my DeviantArt account:


  1. Oh yes, I like this one too! Orchids are lovely, and I think this picture shows it off very well -- it almost looks moody. :D

  2. Wowza! I can't even tell you used a flash. It came out quite brilliant, and well YAY PURPLE!