Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day 13: Sunset

None of today's photos did justice to what we actually saw - nor did they quite look as good full screen as they did on the back of the camera. I think part of the problem is that full screen there is just too much space for it to fill and it doesn't look as exciting and interesting as it does when it's smaller and more compact. The other problem of course is exposure and definition in the clouds. The clouds made it in real life and they're just not quite showing up as strongly as I'd like here. But anyway, I think this is my favourite of the lot - it has lovely colour, lots going on in the clouds if you look closely and I like the curve of the river picked out in the pinks of the sunset.


  1. Oh yes -- very subtle, but absolutely lovely shot. Very serene and relaxing.

  2. Oh wow... that's all I can think to say about that. I can't even come close to this in capturing sunsets... it's so frustrating!