Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day 5: Orbs

This is a marble taken in front of my window from which you can see the street lights on the roundabout at the bottom of all the gardens. I was really after a good photo of the marble but when it turned out the street lights looked cool I decided to stick with this and just crop out the boring blackness around it. It actually makes me think of crystal balls and the orbs they see on ghost hunting shows and claim are spirits... if I could have made a cut out for the compact camera then I would have made ghosty bokeh!

My friend mentioned the fact I have posted mostly dark photos so far which I hadn't actually noticed. The thing is that I live in Scotland and at the moment we are getting just less that 8 hours between sunrise and sunset - not a lot of light if you sleep in or end up doing things during the day. Plus everyone knows that Scottish people are pure white because they almost never see the sun for clouds ;-)

PS - New DA picture posted:
Sunlit Wolf

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