Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day 16: Reflecting on Autumn

It would be interesting to know what everyone saw when they first looked at this picture - I showed it to a friend and they couldn't figure out what they were looking at. It's a pool of water with a tree reflected in it, or perhaps silhouetted is a more appropriate word. What I like about it is that it looks like a tree with brown bark as you'd expect. It looks slightly strange, but it's only as you follow the trunk down to the bottom of the picture you can see the dead leaves shed last year at the bottom of the pool. Further up the trunk it's the colour of the leaves and the shadows between them that give the impression of bark. I think it's ironic in a way, but also pretty cool.


  1. Wow, that is really cool. At first I thought it was a picture of a tree taken with water drops on the camera, but I wasn't sure that was quite right. It is a really lovely and tricky picture. :D

    I also like your titles. "Holding onto Summer" is your hand, which does the holding, and "Reflecting on Autumn" because it's a reflection! Very nice!

  2. Way cool! It puts my tree reflection shot from a couple days ago to shame. I love how you can see the stuff in the water through the reflection in the tree.