Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day 19: Fairy Ring

Well I kinda thought it looked like a fairy ring - a rather posh and modern one but anyway. I had 4 photos I loved today but this is the one that has the most things about it that I love. I like the curve of the path and that the stones are catching the light in a sea of green, I like the shadows of the trees making stripes on the grass, the rays of light coming from the sun and even the little circles which actually make me think of fairies even more!

Since I had trouble deciding and I really love the other photos too I have uploaded them to DeviantArt:
Rufous the Tree
The Bin Raker
Rays of Light


  1. This is a beautiful photograph capturing the winter sun's striking light magnificently.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! This photo is SO lovely, and other-worldly. I'm just in love.