Monday, 9 July 2012

I think our weather is...

We may have had some brief spells of unexpectedly nice weather earlier in the year, but I would have rather put up with rubbish weather back then and had summer to look forward to.  Is this it?  Daily downpours and freak flooding?  I've had enough.  I want the blue skies back and the sun out to put a beautiful glow on everything so I feel like taking pictures again.  I want to see hoverflies dammit!

Incidentally this picture sucks - you would have to have a tripod and preferrably not just a handheld compact camera at 11pm in your friend's car whilst putting the world to rights...  It has potential though.


  1. Well done Rachel. I think your photos are very good. I have had a look through quite a few of your 365 images and a lot of them make the grade.