Saturday, 28 April 2012

Red Squirrel!

Not the best photo ever of a Red Squirrel but it is mine and aren't Red Squirrels adorable!?  We visited Loch of the Lowes today to see the Ospreys.  The female has laid 3 eggs, so fingers crossed for healthy chicks, but in the meantime it is nice to see the adults getting up to Osprey stuff (yes, that is an official ornithological phrase).  And the male was doing quite a bit of flying about which was lovely to watch.  There were also quite a few pairs of Great Crested Grebes about, doing head shaking at each other.  Someone told me that they thought their nests had been washed away in all the heavy rain and that was why they were back to courting - which is very sad, but I am glad that they have gone back to courting instead of just giving up.  Oh and there were Roe Deer on the other side of the loch which I saw through a spotting scope!  They swam across a small stream, got out and shook themselves dry on the other side.  There were about 9 of them and there were 2 young ones trailing behind, which still had white spots on their sides and white tails.

The feeding station was all action as usual.  There were so many birds you couldn't possibly hope to know what all was there, but the highlights for me were the Siskins (male pictured above).  We only get Siskins visiting the garden very rarely and I can't say I have ever been aware of having seen them when just out and about having a walk, so being able to see so many of them so close up was brilliant.  There was a Great Spotted Woodpecker about, but we didn't really get a good look at it this time round.  There was also a little Vole of some sort hiding in amongst some twigs at the base of a tree.  It was darting here there and everywhere and you couldn't really hope to get a good look at it to properly identify it, but it was definitely cute!  But really, I think that the award for cutest creature of the day has to go to the Red Squirrels.  There is just something so much sweeter about a Red Squirrel than a Grey, and I really think that it has a lot to do with those tufty ears!  :-)


  1. Seriously so amazing - I don't think I could identify so many creatures. You certainly know your way around the animal kingdom! :D (And photograph it well also!)

  2. Aww, lookit the cute widdle squirrel! e's so cute! :D

    Nice pics :)

    Definitely will have to visit this loch if I ever make it to Scotland