Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 365: Diana Monkey

I wanted to end on a totally awesome photo.  It's pretty hard to plan these things though.  Luckily, it was a lovely sunny day and I decided a trip to the zoo was in order.  Unfortunately, I didn't get out as quickly as I would have liked and so there was limited daylight.  And I don't think this is the most perfect photo ever.  But do I like it and it symbolises getting out the house, going to the zoo, having a great time watching the rhinos playing, watching this monkey clinging onto the ends of very bouncy branches and managing to not fall, very nearly landing on my bum after doing a cartoon slide on ice next to the red river hog enclosure, watching the sun bears trying to get into coconuts and, best of all, finding out that the two new Bali Starlings are offspring of the existing pair.  So aside from it being a nicely posed photo, the sunlight being in pretty much the right place and the background being nice and natural, this photo is awesome because of the day I had.


  1. So stately! Wonder how he keeps his fur so clean.
    Glad you had a good day ^_^

  2. Congratulations!Thank you for sharing your year in photographs and thoughts. Each day was a delight, sometimes cute, sometimes beautiful and always refreshing. Often challenging the way we look at the world and stop us taking it for granted.You have a gift and it was a pleasure to be allowed to share your world.