Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 362: Memorial

We didn't have that much time but we went to the beach this afternoon.  The sun set pretty quickly and it got very cold once it did but it was enough to get us along Skateraw beach and out the rocks a bit and back.  This memorial is on the grass on the point and
 I know I have read the inscription before, but I didn't think to this time and consequently can't tell you what it is for - oops.  Certainly it makes a striking silhouette in the sunset.  We also came across the most awesome rock ever.  It's a brick and, I suspect, would have had the name of the place it was made stamped into it but it is so much more awesome to think it's a stone that says URGH!  Maybe we would say the same after we had been in the sea for years.  I very much wanted to bring it home but I left it.  This time.  If I ever see it again I will have it!

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