Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 289: The Scott Monument

Bathed in early morning sunshine.  It's not often I'm in town this early now, but there was a special occasion :-)  I was too early, as I very often am when paranoid about being late, and while wasting time I had the opportunity to get this photo in the best light of the day.  I'm really glad I did too as I looked at the monument later in the day and it certainly did not look this good!  The special event was a book signing by Jonathan Stroud and I got a copy of the new book signed to me!!! :-D  I have only been to one book signing before and I was just a kid, so I was scared stupid and up all night, but my friend got me in there and Jonathan was brilliant.  I was horribly awkward and nervous - I managed to blurt out "I'm really nervous" before we'd even done the introductions!  But despite the maniacal grin of terror on my face and my inability to think of anything to say because my head was screaming "stop grinning like that!  no, not like that, that makes your lip twitch like you're disgusted.... oh FINE!  just grin - at least it's better than looking like you're in withdrawal" I had what seemed like a long and relatively normal conversation with the man himself and he made it all so, so much better than it could have been.  I am very glad this is the first book signing I've been to as a "grown up" because it could not have been better.  Jonathan Stroud you have my eternal gratitude for being wonderful, not just as an author, but as a person too.  This book is now one of my most prized possessions and I keep bringing it out, opening it up and smiling so hard it hurts.  On reflection I probably looked a little odd doing that whilst wandering round the shops in town today, in particular in the lingerie department of M&S... but surely it's a good thing that this book makes me happier than knickers do!

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