Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 267: Sunny Duck

Today was one of those days with a lot of different photos to choose between.  And it's hard sometimes because your favourite isn't necessarily the best photo!  It took me a long time to decide on this duck.  She is so beautifully lit, she almost looks like she is looking at me, the light on the barrel she is standing on cast by the ripples is brilliant and I love that you can see her feet under the water.
We had a walk along the beach before going back inland for ice cream and I saw more open, but still joined in the middle, shells than I think I've ever seen.  I decided it would be cool to make a love heart out of them because, well because I'm a soppy girl at times and 2 halves connected and in a love heart seemed somehow right.  Didn't turn out perfectly but I rather like it.
And when we were having ice cream and watching the ducks and swans up the river I spotted a different duck who has since been identified as a Pintail Duck!  I haven't knowingly seen one of them before so I was quite pleased with myself :-)

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