Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fidra At Sunset

It had been a pretty stormy day - lots of wind and dark clouds and heavy showers of rain.  But at least the consistent wind made it seem like a good evening for kite flying.  Wrong.  As soon as we got my kite up the wind started dropping.  I got maybe 10 minutes or so before the wind completely died and my poor kite floated to the ground.  My dad never really got his in the air.  On the upside, the sunset was beautiful.  I was winding up my lines and I would get about 5 steps at a time before stopping for a photo, and then eventually ended up right down at the water's edge kneeling in wet sand.  Soggy knee?  Totally worth it :-D
(Psssst!  As with most of my photos, it looks better bigger than blog size - click on it to see the light in the lighthouse!)

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  1. We are so lucky to live surrounded by such beauty :-)